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Oracle DBA Training

Institute of Software Technologies – IST was created for candidates …

Welcome to IST

 Institute of Software Technologies Limited (IST) was Founded in 2004, after the introduction of "Self-Directive Teams" at Software Technologies Limited. IST is one of Africa's foremost providers of training and education for IT professionals, developers and Business Analysts. 


Working with some of the continent's leading organizations, IST provides education consultancy and IT education services which enable those organizations to be more efficient, effective and competitive IST boasts one of the most experienced management teams in the IT training industry, which is why our instructors are among the most highly skilled and qualified in the region. In addition to their technical skills, their aim is to make your training course a relaxed and enjoyable experience. As providers of certification training, our tutors and training centers have been assessed as meeting the standards required by the appropriate manufacturers.


We see this as being the foundation of our commitment to quality, not the extent of it. As a measure of this, we provide an additional guarantee of quality. Each of our training centers is equipped to the same high standard, with classrooms which are spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned. All training centers are well situated and are easily accessible from main communications networks.



Tech Tips & Tricks  Linux - RHCE was recently named the hottest certification in all IT by certcities.com. It is the “CROWN JEWEL of Linux certifications.  |  Tech Tips & Tricks  |  Oracle on Sun Solaris - The Sun Oracle Database machine features 1 to 8 database servers, from 1 to 14 Sun Oracle Exadata storage servers and each Exadata storage server includes 384 GB of Exadata smart flash cache. It has the ability to perform up to a 1,000,000 input/output operation per second.  |  Tips & Tricks  |  Data guard - Active data guard enhancement in Oracle Database 11g release 2 includes standby query service level.  |  Tips & Tricks  |  Oracle RAC - Oracle RAC one node was introduced as a new oracle Database option. It was designed to deliver most of the redundancy and availability in RAC to single node instances deployed on a grid infrastructure.  |  Tips & Tricks  |  Oracle Database 11g - Provides an easy database cloning using Enterprise Manager Online Database Patching.


Courses at IST

   IST Diploma




   Redhat Linux


   Sun Solaris

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Physical Address

8th Floor I&M Bank Tower, Kenyatta Avenue - Muindi Mbingu Street
P.O. Box 8690-00200, City Square
Nairobi , Kenya
Tel: +254 20 319 174
Tel: +254 20 2248 237/9
Office Cell:+254 733 263 306

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