Terms and Conditions


The student should have read and attained/exceeded the pre-requisites for the intended course.


Full payment must be made on or before the scheduled course date. IST reserves the right to refuse admission where payment has not been received.


The training fee does include course material. Fee once paid is not refundable.


Payment must be made at least ten working days before the scheduled date of the course to confirm the booking.


Cancellations not received prior to ten working days of commencement of a class is subject to full forfeiture.


Students are expected to inform instructor in writing of any absence expected. However absence of more than 2 hours per course day may result in termination or re-schedule of the course for the student. Students MUST be punctual.

Course Assignments & Aptitude test

Course assignments given during the course MUST be completed in the specified time, Failure to complete assignments may result in termination of the course. Aptitude test will be given from time to time and students who do not maintain above average grades may be withdrawn from the course and alternative training suggested.

Course Application