Career Day


January is often the month when many Colleges and Universities enroll prospective students who wish to join their programme. Career Open days at IST, are essentially just as the name suggests – days when we open doors to aspiring students together with their parents/guardians. During this event we will are available for questions, our lecturers together with career counselors get to talk about various professions they are involved in, our alumni act as guides, and academic accomplishments are touted.

There’s no doubt that these days are incredibly valuable resources in that they give parents together with their children an idea as to what their potential ‘second home’ looks and feels like.

Parents will have the chance to accumulate information beyond what is available in brochures and website. In some occasions, some institutions may not live up to the expectations set by the brochures and admissions counselors. Rarely does an admissions pamphlet tell all about the ins and outs, and the limits and shortcomings of a place.

You will have the opportunity as a parent to ask specifics about accreditation of the college, affiliations, exam bodies, market relevance of courses we offer, marketability of trainings, Mentorship programs, job prospects after completing the course, Internship opportunists, and finally what role we play in helping our students get absorbed in the job market.

Some Interesting Facts you should know

  1. It is estimated that 20 to 50 per cent of students who enter university in Kenya are undecided on their career paths.
  2. An estimated 65 per cent of students from 22 universities in the region have indicated being dissatisfied by the programmes they are pursuing right up to the graduation year.
  3. The current statistics indicate that 56 per cent of the students desire to change courses they were admitted into.
  4. A further 36 per cent of those who report at the particular universities apply to change the courses they had been given.


Institute of Software Technologies invites all High School leavers who have completed their KCSE together with their parents/guardians to Career Open Day on Life after High School dubbed WHAT NEXT AFTER KCSE.

Date: 7th December 2019
Venue: IST –Endeavor Room
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm


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