This course on HTML5 and CSS3 helps you understand all the facets of front end web development. This basic to intermediate tutorial covers all concepts of these two technologies that you need to create visually appealing and functionally superior web sites and enhance your business. Participants will learn to create advanced navigation with metadata, multimedia and other aspects of testing with live coding sessions. 

Duration : 1 Month

This Course covers the following Topics:

  1. HTML Basics
  • Internet Terminology and the History of Markup
  • HTML and (X)HTML Versions
  • Markup
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • HTML Events and When They Occur


  1. HTML Tags
  • Forms
  • Form Submission: Get vs. Post
  • Linking Documents
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Special Characters
  • Formatting Tags
  • HTML Lists


  1. HTML Tags Details
  • Logical vs. Physical Tags
  • Block vs. Inline Tags
  • Box Model
  • The
    and Tags
  • Understanding DOCTYPE
  • Quirks Mode and Standards Mode
  • Which DOCTYPE Should I Use?


  1. XHTML Basics
  • XHTML Basics
  • What’s wrong with HTML?
  • XHTML vs. CSS vs. JavaScript
  • Why use XHTML?
  • XML (XHTML) Rules
  • XML (XHTML) Validity Rules
  • Converting HTML to XHTML
  • Mandatory XHTML Elements


  1. CSS Introduction
  • CSS History
  • Why use Style Sheets?
  • CSS Syntax
  • Placement of Styles
  • Inline Style Attribute
  • The