Gift Chisoni

I attended the Web Development Training at Institute of Software Technologies. The enquiry stage was smooth as the staff was flexible and professional, they were able to respond and answer my queries cordially. From day one, I felt a different energetic atmosphere in the class room. The trainers are well educated, trained and very friendly to everyone, as a student it helped me a lot, they never showed any irritation. I chose to train at IST because the training is led by industry experts and is customized as per the requisites of the student. The flexibility was also a plus as they can easily  developbespoke training modules that can fit into the student’s particular requirements. 90% of the training was hand-on sessions and additional to that, the instructor’s teaching methods were effective, well organized, well prepared, and used the class time efficiently. The training offered me the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and network with colleagues and expert representatives in web development. I also learnt a broad spectrum of latest technologies and software development frameworks e.g Zend Framework. I would highly recommend this training institution to other students, this is because the training sessions are interactive, the groups are small and the trainers bring their real-world experience to the training sessions along with hands-on practice on live projects.