Adam kareta

I am delighted to associate myself with Institute of Software Technologies ltd, the trendsetters in IT training in East and central Africa. As a center of excellence in upholding macroeconomic stability, Bank of Uganda staff have been undergoing regular training sessions at the Institute of Software Technologies Ltd. IST has been at the forefront in providing training of cutting-edge IT solutions.The courses are well structured, relevant and industry specific and have enabled me acquire skills that have greatly improved my overall competitiveness and efficiency. More recently, I participated in the RedHat Linux Administration course I and II. The enrollment process was extremely smooth and very professional and i found IST staff to be very courteous, and professional. The trainers certainly were well versed in their areas of expertise, adaptable and genuinely had a real interest in imparting the skills and knowledge relevant to my training needs. As an individual i have benefited immensely from the training programs offered by IST, i have also had fruitful deliberations with the IST training department, who have provided mentor-ship and guidance in as far as enhancing my career prospects is concerned. IST has also been very instrumental in delivering what they promise and will be my first choice when considering IT training