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PHP Developer

Technology : Zend / PHP

Course Brief

The PHP scripting language and MySQL database together provide a powerful open platform, for creating database-driven websites. PHP is one of the most popular server side programming language with huge names such as Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, Vimeo built on it. With MySQL as a database, users get a remarkably interactive website experience for free.

IST Course for PHP & MySQL aims to make aspirants well equipped with these technologies so that they can leverage these skills for building their own projects and applications. Participants will learn to work with forms, cookies, emails, files, and user information to integrate with sites. This course will also teach them to interact with MySQL database to gather, create, update, insert, search and delete tables and records.

This PHP MySQL training is recommended for professionals and students who wish to learn web development and existing developers who want to expand their skill set. It lets professionals create dynamic web pages that readily interact with databases. This is a great benefit if you wish to build web based software applications.

With IST, you can put these newly acquired skills to immediate use once you complete our intensive training program with practical exposure.

Duration 14 Days: Part-time Students

Duration 7 Days: Full-time Students

Introduction to Web Development with PHP
How to code a PHP app lication
Introduction to relational database with MySQL
How to use PHP with a MySQL database
How to Use the MVC pattern to organize your code
How to test and d ebug a PHP application
How to work with form data
How to code control statements
How to work with strings and numbers
How to work with dates
How to create and use arrays
How to work with cookies and sessions
How to create and use functions
How to create and use objects
How to use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data
How to design a database
How to use SQL to create a MySQL database
How to use SQL to work with a MySQL database
Professional PHP for working with MySQL
A database - driven web site
How to create secure web sites
How to send email and access other websites
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