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Oracle Solaris 10 OS Essentials

Technology : Sun Solaris Technology

Course Brief

This Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Essentials course explores the key features and capabilities of the Solaris 10 OS. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors through formalized instruction, discussions, question and answers sessions and hands-on exercises.

Understand fundamental command-line features of the Solaris OS.

Explore file system navigation, the vi text editor and file permissions.

Work with access control lists (ACLs), command shells and file compression.

Understand basic network use.

Read shell scripts.

Investing in this course will enable your organization's platforms to work with greater efficiency with the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System. You'll benefit from instruction on key features and capabilities, enabling you to perform file and directory management, control the user work environment, archive files and use remote commands.

Course Duration - Full Time:

The course lasts 5 days.

Course Duration - Part Time:

The course lasts 1 month.

Using the Desktop in the Solaris 10 Operating System
Using Command-Line Features and Online Help Resources
Viewing Directories and Files
Working with Files and Directories in Solaris
Using the vi Editor
Using Commands Within the Shell
Using Basic File Permissions
Configure Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Searching Files and Directories
Performing Basic Process Control
Advanced Shell Functionality
Reading Shell Scripts
Creating Archives
Compressing, Viewing, and Uncompressing Files
Performing Remote Connections and File Transfers
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