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Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning

Technology : Oracle

Course Brief

This Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning training starts with an unknown database that requires tuning. You will then learn the steps a DBA performs to identify problem areas, diagnose common problems and fix them.

Learn To:

  • Describe Oracle tuning methodology.
  • Use Oracle supplied tools for monitoring and diagnosing SQL and Instance tuning issues.
  • Use database advisors to correct performance problems proactively.
  • Identify problem SQL statements & tune SQL performance problems.
  • Monitor the Instance Performance using Enterprise Manager.
  • Tune instance components, primarily using Instance parameters.

Benefits to You

Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling smooth and rapid consolidation within your Datacenter.


  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
Course Duration - Full Time: The course lasts 5 days. Course Duration - Part Time: The course lasts 1 month.

Basic Tuning Tools
Using Automatic Workload Repository
Defining Problems
Using Metrics and Alerts
Using Baselines
Using AWR Based Tools
Monitoring an Application
Identifying Problem SQL Statements
Influencing the Optimizer
Using SQL Performance Analyzer
SQL Performance Management
Using Database Replay
Tuning the Shared Pool
Tuning the Buffer Cache
Tuning PGA and Temporary Space
Automatic Memory Management
Tuning Segment Space Usage
Tuning I/O
Performance Tuning Summary
Appendix B: Using Statspack
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