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Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II

Technology : Oracle

Course Brief

This Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II Release 2 training takes the database administrator beyond the basic tasks covered in the first workshop. You will begin by gaining a deep understanding of the most important responsibilities a DBA has: performing backup and recovery.

  • Diagnose and repair data failures with Flashback technology.
  • Manage space to optimize database storage so you can respond to growing space requirements.
  • Monitor and manage major database components, including memory, performance and resources.
  • Secure the availability of your database through appropriate backup and recovery strategies.
  • Automate DBA tasks with the Scheduler.
Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling smooth and rapid consolidation within your Datacenter. The concepts and architecture that support backup and recovery, along with the steps required to execute it in various ways and situations, are covered in detail. You will learn how to define and test your own backup and recovery scenarios.


  • Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals
  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I
Course Duration - Full Time: The course lasts 5 days. Course Duration - Part Time: The course lasts 1 month.

Core Concepts and Tools of the Oracle Database
Configuring for Recoverability
Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog
Configuring Backup Settings
Creating Backups with RMAN
Restore and Recovery Task
Using RMAN to Perform Recovery
Monitoring and Tuning RMAN
Diagnosing the Database
Using Flashback Technology I
Using Flashback Technology II
Performing Flashback Database
Managing Memory
Managing Database Performance
Managing Performance by SQL Tuning
Managing Resources
Automating Tasks with the Scheduler
Managing Space in Blocks
Managing Space in Segments
Managing Space for the Database
Duplicating a Database
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