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Technology : Java

Course Brief

This course presents an in-depth coverage on advanced Java skills. Topics include file operations, object serialization, database manipulation, and multi-threading. Learn how to work with text files, binary files, directories, databases, and threads.

You will gain a set of professional Java skills that you can use for developing business applications using features such as JDBC, directory manipulation, object serialization, random-access files, and multi-threading.


Java Levels I and II or equivalent experience.

Course Duration - Full Time: The course lasts 5 days.

Course Duration - Part Time: The course lasts 1 month.

Remote Method Invocation
Enterprise Java Beans
Structured Query Language in Java
Working with random-access files
Introducing object serialization and de-serialization
Implementing data persistence using object serialization
Introducing database tables and fields
Database connection and manipulation
Introducing threads and the thread related APIs
Developing multi-threading applications
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