Holiday Study Experience

If you are applying to Institute of Software Technologies as a holiday experience student, IST offers study packages that interest students. Amongst other offers are planned holiday visits to Africa’s greatest game reserves, beaches, historical sites, spring waters, and cultural diversities that will enlighten you with Africa as a continent and Kenya as a country.

Our student and school trips offer valuable learning experiences and lots of fun through various activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing, fishing, quad biking, safaris and more. We expose students to new and stimulating situations which help to build confidence in young people, both now and for their future.

Our experience in organizing trips and visits for students, especially to Kenya, cannot be equalled. Safety is paramount in all our activities and thorough risk assessments and contingency plans are an integral part of our organization.

Apply early and we will organize for you your preferred holiday study experience. Get in touch with us today and we will organize your holiday experience to make it a memorable study experience in your lifetime.